EFT in Denver Colorado

What would it be like if you could overcome your blocks, clear your internal struggle, and move forward from a place of assurance and integrity?

What if you could reclaim your life from the fear of aging, addiction, a loved ones addiction, family estrangement, or other painful life challenge?

Many of us, maybe you, have overcome tremendous obstacles. It’s absolutely amazing what we have been through and been able to come out the other side stronger and wiser, more in tune and resilient!

That incredible spark, perseverance, and fortitude can be brought to life once again to overcome current life challenges….that’s if you make that decision to roll up your sleeves and go for it.

Whether you want to change your body image, overcome addiction, make a significant life change, explore spirituality and aging, etc…you can do it, I know that.

One of my significant life challenges was family estrangement as a young teenager. This tragic life event became an opportunity to dive deep. Coming up for fresh air I found solutions!

However, we do tend to forget all of our strengths and abilities at times and need help re-remembering and flexing that muscle again. That’s where I come in. My name is Mary Brook and yes, all of the above describes me. I’ve become an accomplished Coach, Guide and EFT Practitioner, poised and ready to help you. My passion is to guide you, teach self-empowerment, and mentor you in the process of discovery as you make life changes!

If you crave well-being and are sick of feeling stalled out and stuck..I can relate; I’ve been there.  Now it is my joy to lend you a hand, and help you align your life and life activities with what you desire.

Feeling deeply heard can truly make a difference. Listening is one of my many skills.

Think about it:

~Do you desire respect yet feel like you can’t attain it? Does it seem to come and go at will?

~Are you trying to find direction?

~Does it seem selfish to want to be creative? To spend time and focus on you?

~Are you afraid of failing even though that seems to be an overrated fear?

~Are you someone who others look up to, yet deep down inside feel insecure?

~Do you have a block or belief that is holding you back even though you’ve accomplished a lot? Does that block seem silly yet have power over you?

~Does it seem you “should” be able to make changes by yourself, yet!?

~Are you sick and tired of being disappointed?

~Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

These and other “stuck places” don’t need to hold you back.

It’s natural to want to thrive and tackle the many exciting opportunities our world offers. Mastery on all levels makes for balanced and successful people, good family and community members. Great role models to our children. I’m living proof! I’d hit hard times with addiction and family estrangement, yet with help and perseverance I bounced back and have created Brooks Life & Recovery Coaching to help others become unstuck, overcome obstacles and create an individualized blueprint for quality of life.

~ Everybody Deserves a Coach; It’s Only Natural~

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