In honor of Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I have this one hour video to share with you on Matrix re-imprinting and how it brings peace to a Vietnam vet.

……..A window into a dynamic EFT Matrix session.

EFT Webinar – Tapping on our Shadow self

Our shadow is made of parts of ourselves that we don’t want to look at; perhaps the negative or dark qualities of ourselves which we deny or resist.

All of our shadows have similar qualities.  They appear different according to our individual stories, yet they are the same.

Although they seem unique, healing one of our shadows can help us all to recognize the roots and heal as well.


In this video Mary serves as Judy’s client.

Click on the link below to be directed to Judy’s site where you can view the video.

(1 hour long EFT Webinar – Tapping on our Shadow self)

Mary tapping on her Shadow…..




May 2nd, this is a special day for me.  New to this world a mere 59 years ago I’ve enjoyed a full and good life experiencing many wonderful people and events….Nature being my favorite companion, My God!   

As a woman in long term recovery from mind altering substances I celebrate life!  15 years clean and sober!  And, I’m committed to helping my fellows who are wanting to walk a road of recovery.  I work with adults (women & men) who are in early recovery, second stage recovery, aging in recovery and thinking about recovery,  I can help with many forms of obsession and addiction from food to prescription medication to alcohol and unhealthy attachment to those with an addiction.  Contact me, I offer strategy sessions that will help bring focus to what you are needing and/or wanting.

Back to my special day.  I plan on finishing this blog byImage

sharing an emotional self-management tool, a primary focus of mine.  From there I’m going to put one foot in front of the other somewhere out in this beautiful world and realize peace, assurance, gratitude and love.   After that I will be making gifts for those celebrating with me today as we do the South Santa Fe Art Walk here in Amazing Denver Colorado.

Constant worry and obsessive thinking, can you relate?  My motto is “it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Research has revealed what we have known for ages, structured writing can improve overall health and well-being. It’s a fantastic tool helping us stay in the day. Do you often feel like a pressure cooker of anxiety and worry! For me, 3 minutes of intense writing can make a huge difference. That being said from someone who “thinks too much and worries too much!”

There are currently programs and books on the market teaching simple writing tools…the basics for me are:

1. Address your writing to something bigger than you. Literally start with Dear…………and begin.
2. Editing is not needed
3. Write quickly (that’s how your mind thinks – quickly)
4. Write in phrases and jump topics by listening deeply to what wants to be heard inside of you
5. Truly write “whatever” the process creates relief…
6. You don’t need to remember what you wrote, the thoughts will come to you if they are needed..therefore, you may destroy the writing. And, please do if that’s what is keeping you from unwinding through this age old art of communicating with self.

Mary Brook