Reframe Group

Love your body, love yourself!


Are you tired of the same old thoughts: “not good enough, a little too big, small, round, thin, tall, old, droopy, etc.”

Are you thinking about how to cover up, or not?!

Don’t do that! These thoughts and bewilderment’s can change!

Reframe Group meets for 6 consecutive

Thursdays from 6 pm to 7:30 pm starting May 8th

location: southeast Denver near iliff and I-225

What you will experience:

  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

  • Relief from Negative Beliefs

  • Group support from like-minded individuals

  • Clarification about your relationship with your body

Fee: $199.00 Seriously consider this great offer. It can change your days,

your summerand add an awesome tool to your emotional toolkit!

Mary Brook is an EFT Practitioner, experienced group facilitator, Coach and woman in long term recovery.

For more information and/or a pre-screening call:

contact Mary at 303-368-0872 or email

Take an EFT Pause…

Take an EFT Pause in order to really experience what you are feeling!

A Pause brings into our awareness qualities that support psychological and spiritual growth and connection.  In Recovery from any life challenge we learn to pause before speaking or reacting. This pause helps us heal and begin to change reactionary habits.

Upon learning the benefits of “making a difference” with self and others through pausing I invite you to expand the benefits.  Continue to grow!

Emotional Freedom Technique, affectionately known as tapping, decreases intensity so that we can explore what’s underneath, inside and around us that is beautiful and connective; all the while not hurting self and others with intense reactions.

This simple Emotional Freedom Technique can make change happen.   An example is better communication with ourselves and those we love.  This communication often brings up intense feelings for all of us. Emotional Freedom Technique is amazing, decreasing intensity of feelings while increasing awareness, a tool effective for those who are in touch with feelings and those who have stuffed feelings forever.


Come learn with us!

We are meeting April 14th and 21st from 6:30 and 8:00 at People House East.  Join us for one or both meetups to tap away your stress and concerns.  People House East is several blocks from I-225 and Iliff in Aurora.