What is EFT and Coaching

1.1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
synonyms: recuperation, convalescence

Energy Psychology:

Addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion,
cognition, behavior and health.
These systems include electrical activity
of the nervous system and heart, meridians,
biophotons, biofields, etc.
-Applicable to a wide range of areas including:
coaching, psychotherapy, counseling, education,
vocational guidance, physical health,
pain management, sports and peak performance.
~Dr. Fred Gallo
Brooks Life & Recovery Coaching defined:

I practice Life Coaching and beyond that am trained in Recovery Coaching through Crossroads Recovery Coaching.  Although I work with all lifestyle change issues, moderation and recovery from addictions are my specialty.   Addictions to substances, addictions to people, etc….

Recovery Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps folks who are in or who are considering recovery from addiction to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, or businesses–while advancing their recovery from addiction.

Life is not always clear and can be very distressing. Focused Coaching can strengthen and support lifestyle changes and recovery from life experiences like addictions and domestic violence enabling a person to move on quicker with less pain and confusion.

Recovery coaches affirm that there is innate health and wellness in each of our clients.  We hold our clients creative and resourceful.  We do not promote or endorse any single or particular way of achieving or maintain sobriety, abstinence or serenity or of reducing suffering from addiction.  Our focus is on coaching our clients to create and sustain great and meaningful lives.

Through the process of Recovery Coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, increase their return on investment in treatment, and enhance their quality of life.  Coaching accelerates the client’s progress in achieving their goals by providing greater focus and awareness of choices, actions, and responsibility.  We concentrate on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to enjoy a better tomorrow.

The Recovery Coaching process recognizes that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices, and actions taken toward building a strong foundation and creating a life worth staying healthy for, supported by the coach’s efforts and skills.

People give up their dreams when severe life challenges set them back, yet it doesn’t have to be that way

My Coaching can help revitalize you and your life and is a wonderful aid in receiving support from someone who has been there and knows the intensity that can be involved.

Coaching provides the motivation, guidance and accountability  that allows deep transformation to occur.  The relationship is based on trust, experience and mutuality and can help you to use your best thinking, achieve your goals and live a good and full life.


~Emotional Freedom Technique~

EFT is an effective tool which I incorporates it in my Coaching style (if appropriate). It can help dramatically to remove blocks and set the focus. Our bodies are an energy system and EFT works to unplug that electricity so that we have a better ability to see what is real. It becomes much easier to provide healing for ourselves when the intensity of our nervous system, which reacts to our emotions, is reduced or eliminated.  Our thoughts become clear, and we can realign with the awareness and trust that comes from our natural healing system.

Where It Comes From

EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990’s and has some roots and similarities to other modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic programming, Thought Field Therapy and Acupuncture.

How It Works

EFT involves a  simple tapping of the fingers on meridian points on the head, face, chest and underarm. During the tapping, affirmations are stated to release energy blocks. To learn more about EFT, there are various websites that have great information on the subject.

Mary’s video below shows what an EFT session looks like. 

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